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The Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation (NCCO) reactor (catalytic converter) is what sets GojiAir apart from it’s competitors.

The NCCO reactor was originally developed at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and is protected under global patents.

NCCO vs. Carbon & Charcoal

More than 90% of filter products use activated carbon or charcoal, but this is just an absorbent; it gathers contaminated particles and odours like a sponge. Ultimately, this creates a vicious circle in terms of pollution:

  • Discarding the spent filter into landfill means that it’s fetid contents are returned into the earth
  • Toxins are then released back into the atmosphere, concluding their journey by entering our lungs

NCCO breaks pollutants down. It converts the damaging Volatile Organic Compounds such as ammonia, formaldehyde, acetone etc. into compounds like water, nitrogen and carbon dioxide which are naturally occurring and not toxic.

    Patented Technology:

  • NCCO is an innovative technology invented by a member of the HKUST Entrepreneurship Program

    Intelligent Protection:

  • Automatic Power-Off
  • Protection System and Intelligent Restart Function for safe unit operation 


  • Focus on different kinds of harmful gases
Model: Goji-H1
This Air Treatment Unit is powerhouse in our domestic range of products and is manufactured including Goji'sworld-wide patented NCCO technology. Ideal for the removal of odour, bacteria/viruses, VOCs and formaldehyde from home and office.Recommended for medium-sized roomsGoji H1 Air Purifier is a me..
Model: Goji-H2
The GojiAir H2 air treatment unit is manufactured including our world-wide patented NCCO technology. Ideal for the removal of odour, bacteria/viruses, VOCs and formaldehyde from home and office. and up to 99.95% effective at neutralising COVID-19.Recommended for large roomsGoji H2 Air Purifier is a ..
Model: Goji-V1
Portable, battery operated, stylish and supremely effective, GojiAir 'On-The-Go' is the ideal way to create your own pure air ‘bubble’. In the car, on public transport or in any environment where you want to be sure of breathing clean air, the ‘baby’ of the Goji systems may be small, but it is every..
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